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Beautiful expansion markings of the pregnancy

Out you you it knows the minute, which you find, is more pregnant that things will change, from your waist size to those small expansion markings, which slam above. Expansion markings are exactly those that, red or magenta-red markings, which are left in your skin, because them expanded. The most general ranges, so that them are the back parts, the thighs, the stomach, which appear breasts and those even arms. They receive 90 per cent of all pregnant women whether they receive much, depends or some on the body and like it prevent.

Out there there is a ton of lotions to help to state expansion markings, like scar serum, to prevent cocoa butter or Maderma. It guarantees that your skin is always damp, helps these, if it expands the skin and not tears it up. There are the new daily discoveries, ask your doctor, which recommends he/she. They out first try and see, if they work for you. This is not something, which you set on straight once during your pregnancy, you must this a daily effort undertake, so that it works. That is, where most women fail, it stops straight to do it.

During your pregnancy attempt to eat to healthy and stay in the form. This can help to hold away from any entrance weight to. The recommended weight gain for the average, healthy pregnancy 25-35 amounts to 25-35 Pound. They guarantee that beverage much of the water and hydratisierten assistance maintenance remain the healthy skin. The moment, which their skin you drains, can begin to receive expansion, markings.

If you had one or more children your probabilities of receiving, increase more expansion markings. Their skin was expanded already out and you f imsind Begrif to repeat it. Large babies and several babies can increase your probabilities received from expansion markings also. To use preventing sahnt and if lotions with vitamins A and E in them begin, as soon as you find it out, are more pregnant and try to decrease your probabilities of receiving them.

After the pregnancy, if you have any expansion markings, which can still have you some expansion markings, even finally the care you used. These fade in the run the time, therefore do not worry themselves around the way, which you look. If they are intolerable to you and you when waited, you can decide, a belly bar or – laser dismantling to have. Specifies a meeting with a dermatologist, in order to see, what he/she must explain to you. They can discover that you can finally live with them.

Except for your skin daily and eaten, does not give it to the right much, which you can do is interested, in order to prevent these beautiful pregnancy markings, however this does not mean that you do not have to try. Comfort take, if you know that half of woman, whom you know that have probably a marking more pregnant were or, two can even have, them a small road map. Of it think, since you were introduced straight into the group of the maternity. No woman should feel over her expansion markings ashamedly at all, her can not the hbschste thing in the world be, but they place a thing Their child. It remembers that, if you receive next time, by it disgusted.