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Avoidance of the food when breast feeding

Many women find that they can eat, whatever they can like during breast feeding. Although it is applicable that stongly preferential food the taste of your milk something can change, many babies seem to enjoy the multiplicity of the mother’s milk flavors. Occasionally your baby at the chest can receive verschrob, after you eat certain food. If you consider this occurrence, this certain food simply avoid.

The gemeinsten evil authors, who are breast feeding duing, include chocolate, spices, Zitrusfrchte, garlic, Paprika, lime, gashaltiges vegetable and fruits with exhausting kind of effects, like plums and cherries also.

They can eat a bowl or two of coffee one day, although too much Koffein can obstruct sleep of your baby and even educate it verschrob. In the understanding, Koffein will keep found in many soda, tea and even over the Gegenart medicine in addition.

She is okay to eat an alcoholic beverage which is now and everyone, although credit of more than one beverage can increasing your blood alcohol level and sets the white spirits into your mother’s milk.

If you plan, more than one beverage to have at one time, is best it to wait two hours or more per beverage, before you take up any kind nursing for the sick or breast feeding again. There is no necessity to pump
and dump, it is your breasts full and its time is to draw in your baby. When breast feeding, any kind heavy drinking should be avoided.

Really omit all possible food of their before you
let us feed, should with your doctor speak. If you avoid certain food and a nourishing inequality causes it, you can have to see a Ernhrungssachversta5ndiger for advice on taking other food or receiving
Nourishing additions.

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