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The conversion energy or the white spirits is amazingly frightening, and frequent. It seems to open a way of the entrance into the soul for all categories from stupid to spirit-ill, or malicious spirit, that, as long as it remains in connection with the brain, are, to hold possession. Men of friendliest nature, if soberly, act, frequently Unholde like, if drunk. Crimes and crimes are specified, which impact and the authors are ashamed, if the excitement of the drunkennessness exceeded away. Referring to this topic, Dr. Henry Munroe says:

It appears of experience of Mr. Fletcher, who much attention in the cases of the boozers, from whom notes of Mr. Dunn, in its it directed medical psychology and of the observations of my that there is any analogy between our physical and psychological nature; for, when the physical becomes part of us, if its energy at a low ebb-tide is, of the diseased influences, which, in the full strength, would exceed over them without effect, thus, if the psychological (synonymous with the moral) has part of the brain its healthy function, which is disturbed and by the introduction of of a diseased poison such as white spirits spirit-disturbed, by the individual thus circumstanced tubs in the Depravity empfindlilch, and becomes the helpless topic of the forces of the evil, , which are powerless against a nature, those is free by the diseased influences of white spirits.

Different persons are affected in the different kinds by the same poison. Indulgence in the alcoholic beverages can function after or several of the cerebral organs; and, when its necessary consequence, the expressions of the malfunction in so follow the spirit energies, which are these organs. If the indulgence is then continued either by the spirit-disturbed food or by the organic injury, the expressions, which are developed in former times only during a seat of the intoxication, can become permanent and terminate in the mental disorder or in the Dypsomanie. M. Flourens underlined first the fact that determined morbific representatives bend, if they are introduced to the river of the circulation, to act after a nervous center instead of of them of others mainly and particularly due to somewhat special selected affinity between such morbific means and certain junctions. So in tottering the pace tipsy of the man, we see the influence of white spirits according to the functions of the Kleinhirns in the impairment of its energy of the coordination to muscles.

Certain authors on diseases of the understanding form special allusion to this form mental disorder of the mentioned dypsomania , in which a person has a unstillbaren thirst decided for alcoholic beverages a tendency as maniacal as those the murderous Manie; or the uncontrollable desire to burn, calls Pyromania; or, designated Kleptomania steal.

Murderous Manie.

The different tendencies of the murderous Manie in the different individuals are maintained frequently only into an act, if the river of the blood with white spirits were poisoned. I had a case of a person, who, whenever its brain was so excited, explained to me that he experienced a most uncontrollable desire to kill or injure someone; sometimes as much so, that he could hold back from the activity hardly and was connected to take all attraction means from fear that, in a unfortunate moment, he commit itself could. Townley, which murdered the young lady of its inclinations, for which he was condemned, in a moved asylum for the life to be locked up, poisoned its brain with brandy and soda water, before he specified the overhasty act. The brandy, which becomes lively into certain parts of the activity of the brain, its such an energy acquired it regarding, yokes seins and for the achievement of a terrible letter will hurry under, equal opposite its better judgment and his usual desires.

Regarding the Pyromania some years knew I a working on man in a land village, which, whenever he had eaten some glasses of Ale at the public house, with joy in the thought of the piles before masters of the ignition would certainly glucksen. Still, when its brain of the poison was free, a calmer could be, good-abolished man. Unfortunately it became addicted the habits of the intoxication; and, one night, under alcoholic excitement, fired some piles, which belong to its employers, for which, he was condemned for fifteen years to a punishing regulation, in which its brain again became alcoholically excited never.


First I call an example of Kleptomania. I could do many years ago a very intelligent, industrious and talented young man, who me that explained, whenever he had drunk could he hardly resist, the temptation of the theft of everything, which came in its kind; but that these feelings never endeavored it to other time. One afternoon, after it with its companion workers in the beverage hang-give itself had, was unfortunately overwhelmed seins, and it took from the mansion, in which it was accused of some articles of the value, for it and thereafter condemned to an expression of the captivity worked on. As sentence at the freedom it under had unites child hearted for persons to be set luck, vulgr called Teetotallers; over and, of the conscientious motives, signs the ENDORSEMENT, now twenty years before. From this time to the present moment it never experienced overmastering the desire, which besieged it so frequently on its drinking days, in order to take, which its was not. In addition no pretext could now tempt it on measures to the taste of each possible alcohol, the white spirits contains and to believe that, under its influence, he could fall again to be victims. It holds an influential position in the city, in which it lies.

I knew some ladies of the good position in the society, who, after a dinner or a dinner party afterwards does not take and, taking sun-dried glasses wine, not their to the temptation of each small article home resist could, when the opportunity offered; and who, in its sober moments, returned it, as if taken due to errors. We have many cases, those in our police report of the masters of the position, under the influence of the beverage to be noted and put the thefts of the poorest articles firmly, afterwards psychologically returned to the owners by their friends, who can be only explained, by the fact that the will had been during the time, which was overwhelmed completely by the subtle influence by white spirits.

Loss of the spirit clarity.

White spirits, whether let in large or small doses, immediately disturbs it is entitled now the natural functions of the understanding and the body, by the most outstanding physiologists. Dr. Brinton says: ‘Spirit sharpness, accuracy of the view and Zartheit of the directions, are up to now opposite all by the activity of white spirits, how, which is incompatible the maximum efforts of each liquid fermented with the income of any moderate quantity. Indeed there is hardly each possible designation, which talentierte and exact effort of the understanding and the body required or which requires the balanced exercise of many training bodies, which do not illustrate this guideline. The mathematician, who player, who Metaphysician, which Billiardspieler, which author, who artist, who became a physician, if they could analyze their experience aright, agrees generally in the statement, which is sufficient individual glass frequently to take as it were, in the edge away from the understanding and from the body and to reduce their capacity to something under, which its Verkollkommnung of the work is relative.

A course was driven imprudently into one of the main London stations and ran into another course, in killing, by the collision, six or seven persons and the injury many different. By the proof at the investigation, it that the protection was computed sober, seemed only he two glasses of Ale with a friend at a preceding station had eaten. Now psychologically concluding, these two glasses of Ale had been probably instrumental, if they removed the edge from its conceptions and from deliberation, and a carelessness or courage of the activity, which under the cooling, did not produce would have arisen, moderate influence of a beverage freely from white spirits. Many persons have to me certified that they were not the same, after they had taken even a glass of Ale or wine the fact that they forwards were and not completely could trust itself, after they had taken this individual glass.

Impairment of the memory.

An impairment of the memory belongs to the early symptoms of the alcoholic Derangement.

This, says Dr. Richardson, extended even to forgetfulness of the most general things; to the names of the familiar persons, to the data, to the tasks of the everyday life life. Strangely also it adds, this loss, like that, which, in aged, indicates the era of the second Childishness and bare oblivion, extended not to the things to the past, but limited on events in addition, which exceed. On old memories the understanding keeps its energy; on new ones it requires constant request and support.

In this loss of the memory nature gives a serious warning that directly threatening danger is to the hand. Well for the habit drunkard, if it considers the warning. If it not so does, develop itself symptoms more serious letter, in which time, while the brain will terminate ever more ill and, can it, in the permanent mental disorder to be.

Spirit and moral diseases.

Of spirit and moral diseases, which follow to frequently regular drinking of white spirits, we have painful recordings in asylum report, in the medical certification and in our daily observation and in experience. These are thus full and distinctive and so constantly encounter our attention that the miracle is that men do not have fear, which terrible risks along-included to be received even in, which is called the moderate use of the alcoholic beverages.

1872 asked a chosen committee of the House of Commons, appointed , in order to regard the best plan the control and the management of the habit boozers, some for the most outstanding medical men in Great Britain to give around its certification in answer of many questions and covered each topic within the range of the inquiry, from the pathology of the drunkennessness to the practical usableness of the forbidding laws. In this certification much was said about the effect of the alcoholic suggestion on the mental condition and the moral letter. A physician, Dr. James Crichton Brown, which, in an experience as a plant manager of the moved asylums, directed 10 years special attention on the relations of the habit drunkennessness to the mental disorder, after erberprft carefully five hundred cases had erberprft, testified this white spirits, let in abundance, produced different forms of the mental disorder, from which he mentioned four categories: 1. Manie potu or alcoholic Manie. 2. The Monomania of the distrust. 3. Chronic alcoholism, characterized by loss of the memory and the energy of the judgment, if the partial paralysis terminates generally mortally. 4. Dypsomania or an irresistible violent demand for alcoholic attraction means, very frequently stepping, paroxysmally and with constant adhesion for periodic embittering up, if the violent demand becomes together uncontrollable. Of this last form of the illness, he says: This is constant with a certain impairment of the intellect and the inclinations and the moral energies. connected

Dr. Alexander Peddie, a physician of over thirty-seven practice of the years in Edinburgh, gave, in his proof, many remarkable cases of the moral Perversionen, which followed continuous drinking.

Relation between mental disorder and drunkennessness.

Dr. John Nugent said that his experience of twenty-six years under lunatics, led him, in order to believe that there is a very close relationship between the results of the abuse of white spirits and mental disorder. The population of Ireland had, said he, in twenty five years reduced two million, but there was the same quantity of mental disorder, now it gave before there. He attributed this, in a large measure, indulgence in the beverage.

Dr. Arthur Mitchell, Beauftragter of the insanity for Scotland, testified that the excessive use of the white spirits caused a large quantity of the insanity, the crime and the Pauperismus of this country. In some men, he said, leads the habit drinking too different diseases than mental disorder, because the effect always is in the direction of the Proclivity, but it is sure that there are many in, is which there a free Proclivity to the mental disorder, which would escape this terrible completion, but for drinking; excessive drinking in many persons, who determine the mental disorder, to which it are in any case prepared. The children of the boozers, he continued to say, is in a larger portion, which is idiotic as other children and becomes in a larger portion even boozer; they are also in a larger portion, which is responsible to the usual forms of the acquired mental disorder.

Dr. Winslow Forbes believed that in the habit boozer the nervous structure of the whole one was poisoned and in the brain particularly, by white spirits. He, result of poisonous effects of white spirits on the brain mentions all spirit symptoms, to which you see an accompanying of the usual intoxication. It is the brain, which is mainly caused. In the temporary drunkennessness becomes the brain in an abnormal condition of the nutrition, and if this habit inside for years one continues, the nervous fabric is penetrated with white spirits, and that and the terrible chronic mental disorder in the nervous fabrics of the brain instead of and completely produce terrible, which we see into moved asylums, demonstrably to the habits of the intoxication, find organic changes. A large percentage of the terrible spirit and brain disturbances can, explained it, pursued as the drunkennessness of parents.

Rapid avoiding of the Dr. – D.G., late state the new Yorkinebriate asylum, that, also. Dr. Joseph Parrish, gave certification before the committee of the House of Commons, said, in one of its answers: With the excessive use of the white spirits, malfunction appears constant, and no organ is seriously concerned, and perhaps prevented, as the brain. This is shown in the Inebriate by a weakened intellect, a general Debility of the spirit training bodies, more partly or total loss of the self-respect and a departure of the energy of the self instruction; which, together acting, set the victim at the grace of spoiled and diseased appetite and educates it extremely powerlessly to secure by its own without assistance efforts, its resumption from the illness to destroys it. And he adds: I am from the opinion that there is one large similarity between inebriety and mental disorder.

I am decided from the opinion that the former took place its in the family of diseases as managing as its double brother mental disorder; and in my opinion is day not, if pathology about former so completely understood and treated so successfully as latter, and successfully, since it is more within the range and borders of the human control, which expenditure-practices, intelligently far and scientifically expenditure-experienced, can prevent welfarable drunkennessness at bordering into possible incurable mental disorder.

General impairment of the training bodies.

Dr. Richardson, speaking of the activity of white spirits on the understanding, gives the following sad illustration of his devastations:

An analysis of the condition of the understanding, which is caused by the free daily use of the white spirits as beverage and is maintained, uncovers a singular order of facts. The expression cannot uncover together the Exaltation of each possible argumentation energy in a useful or direction contently placing. I never met a case, in which such was made valid a requirement for white spirits. To legends confirmed alcoholics for this or this work, thought and attention, it is to be constantly done without on the contrary requiring necessarily, some the usual Potations, in order to have a cool head for hard work.

On the other side, the experience is overwhelming in favor of the observation that the use sells the white spirits the argumentation energies, educates weak men and women the simple victim of the common and that strongly and leads men and women, who should know miserable in each degree and the vice better. If then white spirits weaken the reason, which part of the spirit constitution it raises and excites? It excites and raises that animal, organically, emotional in the middle the understanding, which, in the double condition of the man, so frequently cross and it opposes that purely and abstract argumentation nature, which man over the untereren animals raises and with good reason lower trained less as the angels.

It excites worst inclinations of the man.

These animal in the middle exciting, he leaves all inclinations loose and more or less gives her from without license rule over the man. It excites anger and if it leads not to this extreme, it keeps the understanding annoying, attractionable, dissatisfied made and contentious. And if I by all inclinations, love you, hate, strong demand have, to envy should, Geiz and pride take, should I however to point you Ministers to them all this white spirits; that, immobilizing the reason, departs it from these inclinations, the micro-adjustment of the reason, the place man over the untereren animals. From the beginning to the end of its influence it berwindt reason and stops the inclinations freely. The analogies, physically and religiously, are perfect. That, which solves the tension of the containers, the body with suitable order and precision draw in and leaves thereby the heart loose to the violent abundance and for ungezgelten movement, solves also the reason and leaves the inclination loose. In both cases heart and head, during a time, are from harmony; their balance broken. The man descends more near and more near at the untereren animals. From the angels it slides further and far away.

A sad and terrible illustration.

The destructive effects of white spirits on the human understanding gift finally the saddest illustration of its influence. The most esthetic artist cannot find an angel here. Everything is animal and animal of the worst art. memory lost irreparably, the words and very elements of the speech forgotten or the words, which were moved, in order to have no meaning in them. Rage and anger persistent and maliciously or diminishing and powerlessly. At each corner of the life, distrust on each side, which are afraid suffering, which is mixed into vacant despair, hopelesness into permanent melancholy. Surely could no tumult, which at all poet dreamed about, to who correspond, who would exist, if all boozers of the world were driven into a death range.

Since I moved under those, physically with white spirits are struck and under the different linings of the name the deadly diseases were determined, those pain and the punishments, which it imposes upon to the body, the illustration enough cruel were. But this illustration even plaes, since I above, without any expansion of the fantasy, which swears to devastations, which same representative on the understanding adds. Forty per cent, the scholarly plant manager of the Colney hatch, Dr. Sheppard, explains to us the fact that by whom, that were gotten into this asylum 1876, because of the direct or indirect effects of white spirits was thus gotten. If the facts of all asylums with same care were collected, the same history, I to be afraid, explains itself. Which necessity we further to show the destructive activity on the human understanding? The tumult of the boozers; the great Umwandlungszene of these Pantomime of the beverage, begins also, moderation! Let it by those more be never forgotten, those their companion men to, by their efforts love, it closed always.