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And here to give for those familiarly its also, did not produce the process of digesting, a free idea of this important enterprise and the effect, if white spirits with food are taken, we estimate from the lecture of an English physician, Dr. Henry Monroe, on the physiological activity of white spirits. He says:

Each kind substance used of the man as food consists the sugar, strength, oil and of sticky affairs, together mixed in the different portions; these are intended for the support of the animal framework. The sticky basic rules of Nahrungsmittelfibrine, – albumen and – kasein are used, in order to develop the structure; while the oil, which strength and the sugar is mainly used, in order to produce heat in the body.

The first step of the digest-promoting process is the food in the mouth by means of the jaws and the teeth above breaks. Doing on this, the saliva, a viscous alcohol, into the mouth by the saliva glands, is poured and during it with the food mixes, leads transfers it a very important part in the enterprise of digesting through, the strength of the food-soluble, and it changes gradually into a kind of the sugar, after become the other basic rules with their mixable. A nearly half liter saliva is supplied all twenty four hours for the use of an adult. If the food is with the saliva masticated and mixed, then into the stomach led it, in which it is functioned on by a saft, which by the heater elements of this organ is seperately and into the stomach in the large quantities poured, whenever food with its slimy coats into contact comes. It consists of a diluted acid, which admits the chemists is, like hydrochloric acid, consisted of hydrogen and chlorine, together in certain definite portions combined. The gastrische saft contains also its own organic-fermented or the division substance and contains nitrogen somewhat of the nature yeast pepsine mentioned, which are easily soluble in the straight acid mentioned. That gastrischer saft as a simple chemical solvent, proven by the fact arises, to which, after death, it admits, in order to dissolve the stomach.

It is a disturbance to assume to that, after a good dinner, a glass supports spirit or beer digesting; or that any alcohol, which contains bitter beer box of the white spirits even in each regard collecting main digesting. Something bread and meat with gastrischem saft mix; they into a Phial put to hold, and this Phial in a sand bath at the slow heat of 98 degrees and to shake contents occasionally lively, in order to copy the movement of the stomach; They find, after six or eight hours, complete contents, to that into pultaceous a measure. one mixes. If another Phial of the food and the gastrischen saft, equally treats, I a glass of the bright beer or the quantity white spirits, at the end of seven or eight hours or even some days add, the food hardly on at all one function. This is a fact; and to ask if it led, why, I answer, because white spirits the strange energy the gastrischen saft chemically of affect or of divide has, by failing one of its main parts pepsine, its solving characteristics less effectively making much. Therefore white spirits cannot be regarded either as food or as a solvent for food. Not as the latters certainly, because he rejects to function with the gastrischen saft.

it is a remarkable fact, says Dr. Dundas Thompson, this white spirits, if you are added the digest-promoting liquid, a white precipitation produced, thus the liquid is capable no longer of digesting the animal or affair of vegetable. The use of the alcoholic attraction means, says TEA. Todd and sheet contactor, delay digesting, by which coagulating and its activity thereby obstruct pepsine, a substantial, element of the gastrischen saft. If it was not the fact that wine and spirit is fast up-sucked, the introduction of these into the stomach, in any quantity, a complete staff for digesting the food to be, since pepsine by the solution was so fast precipitated, like it in an educated manner by the stomach. Spirit, in any quantity, like ditetischen appendix, is harmful because of its antiseptic qualities, which resist digesting the food by the absorption of the water of its particles, in the direct antagonism to the chemical enterprise.