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As one a breast pump uses

Straight one like a breast feeding, is pumping an ability, which you learn. If they try first a breast pump, most mothers are only able to express some drops of milk. With correct practice and the knowledge the mother at pumping is more efficient.

Prepare the breast pump
1. All instructions in the installation set read
very carefully.
2. Each part of the breast pump needs
too to use before you to be entkeimt to begin it.
3. Nachgebrauch, all parts of the pump becomes
in the warm, seifigen water to be washed, then with hot water be rinsed out and on a clean cloth to be discharged have. The plastic hoses does not need to be cleaned, it is you milk into it come. If you wash it, it should be hung to completely dry and discharge in order to grant time.
4. If your doctor of the necessity believes,
entire installation set can be entkeimtes daily.
5. If you first with an electrical begin
pump, the suction level should on the lowest possible attitude be.

Received begun
– Kompressen, easy Massagen warm of
Chest and easy suggestion for nipple help to suggest a fast let down.
– You should always ease you with acting
Brustmassagen during pumping. Some mothers prefer it to close their eyes then think of the care of the baby and imagine the baby in their arms. A mother, lets better down it is relaxed have and more the milk become supplied.
– Your first attempts at pumping should be
did not regard practice learning sections with learning to use the breast pump as the goal, how much milk is really supplied.
– If you a hand pump use, fast, briefly
Pumps with the beginning is suggesting and the way will more exactly copy, which satisfies a baby. Once arise down and milk begin to flow freely long, are more effective more constant attacks leave and
less fatiguing.
– If you learn to pump, should have done you
for 5 minutes on a side at least once or twice daily practice. Few stressful part of your daily for pumping always select.

Relaxation and stating that the pump is their
Friend is the individual most important thing, which can do a mother. There are some things, which a mother can do, in order to help even relax, how
setting an illustration of the baby on the pump, Spielkarten or a play with friends, watching out television, read books or speak at the telephone. The accumulation bottle simply to watch out is not useful and becomes
more pressure on it, than you probably set really need.

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