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It should being like like the mother’s milk, as much as possible. This is reached by a mixture of the cow’s milk, the water and the sugar, in the following portions.

Cow’s milk, two thirds; Cooking water, third; Loaf sugar, a sufficient to sweet quantity.

This is the best diet, which can be used for the first six months, after can somewhat mehlige food are combined.

In the early childhood mothers are too much in the habit of giving the strong flour soup, panada, Biskuitpuder and such affairs and think that a diet of a brighter kind does not nourish. This is an error; for these preparations much to firm its; they over-load the stomach and cause digesting complaints, blowing and a seizing. These cause a necessity for purgative medicine and Carminatives, those again for digesting weaken and, by unnatural inflammation, perpetuate the evils, which make them necessary. So many children in continuous circulation of abundance, of digesting complaints and of settling, with administration Likre and beta exercise means held, which, if their diet in the quantity and in quality were, which to its digest-promoting energies were corresponded, no aid of the medicine or of the physicians would need.

If one prepares this diet, it is not to a high degree important to receive the pure milk before entrahmt, or with water mixed; and taken in the warm weather straight of the cow. It should not with water or the sugar, until wished are mixed and, more did not form, than from the child to the time one takes, because it must be at each meal prepared freshness. It is best not to heat the milk up over the fire but let the water in a cooking condition be, if it with it is mixed, and therefore to the Suglingslauen or that is lukewarm given.

While the child at the age makes progress with, the portion milk can be increased gradually; this is necessary after the second month, if three parts of milk to one of water can be permitted. But there does not have to be change in the kind of the diet, if the health of the child is good, and its perceptibly improving appearance. Nothing is more absurd, than the term, which requires a multiplicity of the food in the early life children; only a kind food is by nature prepared, and it is impossible to exceed this law without marked injury.

There are two possibilities by the spoon and by the nursing for the sick bottle. First is to be never used on this period, if as the energy of digesting in the children and is by nature sketched their food is very weak, into the stomach to be very slowly taken, by the chest by the act of sucking is provided, indeed large quantity a saliva becomes seperate, and into the mouth, mixtures with the milk pours, and with it one swallows. This process of nature should be emulated then as far as possible; and food (for this purpose) should be drunk by sucking a nursing for the sick bottle: therefore it is slowly reached, and assigned sucking secures the mixture suitable quantity of saliva, which has a to a high degree important influence on digesting. Which is however used kind of the bottle or the nipple must it is never forgotten that cleanliness is absolutely substantial for the success of this plan of breeding the children.

Te quantity at each meal to be ust given food, is adjusted by the age of the child and its digest-promoting energy. Little experience makes possible soon for a careful and observing mother to determine this point. While the child grows older, the quantity must be naturally increased.

The main disturbance, if it puts up the boy, feeds over; and a most serious is it; but, which can be easily avoided by the parents, which exercises a systematic plan regarding the hours of feeding, and then only, furnishing to the announcements over appetite and the food, in the small quantities slowly exercising at one time. This is the only way to prevent digesting complaints and intestine objections and the attractionable condition of the nervous system effectively so Common in the childhood, to fasten and to the healthy Suglingsnahrung and to consistent strength of the constitution. As was well observed, nature never intended into a photograph tub for exhausting means, Carminatives, Antiacida, attraction means and astringierende means to be converted stomach of the child; and if these become necessary, we can surely stand still that it gives somewhat, which is incorrect in our management, however it can seem perfect to us.

The frequency of giving the food must decided to be as general rule as it such a distance between each meal permitted, how digesting the preceding quantity insures; and this can be on approximately each three or four hours locally fixed. If this guideline left from and child new supply material food each hour or so receives, becomes time not for digesting preceding quantity and as consequence this process, which, the food, which is interrupted on into the intestine, which passes is given indigested, there ferments and becomes, contributes produced inevitably cholic and a settling and by no means to the nutrition of the child sourly.

The situation of the child, if you are drawn in: – To consider is importantly, this. It may not be meal lies to receive; the head should be raised to the arm of the nurse, the most natural position, and in which one no danger of the going food is the wrong way there, as it is designated. After each meal the small one should be set for mother into its camp bed or in peace on knees its, for at least half hour. This is substantial for the process of digesting, since exercise is important to other time for the promotion of the health.

As soon as the child has all possible teeth and during this period in or two their appearance, which firm mehlige affair forms, which is cooked in the water, by a filter is struck and with a small quantity milk is mixed, can be employed. Or top sides and lower surfaces, impregnated in the hot water, with the additive of the fresh milk and loaf sugar, around to sweet. And the child can be now drawn in with a spoon for the first time.

If or two of the large rubbing teeth appeared, the same food can be continued, but needs, by a filter to be exceeded. Cattle beef-tea and chicken hereditary peace can be occasionally added; and, as introduction to the use of one completely Tierdit, to a part, now and then, a soft cooked egg; gradually a small bread pudding, formed with an egg in it, can when the dinner meal are taken.

Nothing is more general than for parents during this period to give to their children of the Tiernahrung. This is a large disturbance. to draw in a child with Tiernahrung before it has the teeth, which are correct for the Masticating them, shows a total ignoring to the normal announcements over nature, in holding back such teeth, until the system requires their support to masticate body food. And the method of grinding and the Zerstoens of the meat, when replacement for chewing can be well adapted, to toothless the Octogenarian, whose stomach is capable of digesting it; but the stomach of a young child is adapted not to digesting such food, and by it will be wrecked.

It cannot be maintained appropriately that the mouth of a child without teeth and some adult, supplied with the teeth meat corrosive and graminivorous animals, by the creator for the same kind of the food are sketched to that. If the Mastikation of the solid food whether animal or vegetable and a suitable admixture of the saliva, necessarily for digesting its, can be not correct then solid food, if there is no energy of the Mastikation. If it is swallowed in the large masses, it can not at all masticated and however a small probability of be digested to have; and in an indigested condition it examines harmful to the stomach and to the other organs, which are concerned in digesting, by forming unnatural means. The practice of giving one toothless child of the solid food, is not, when, to expect corn to be rubbed less absurdly, where there are no apparatuses for rubbing it. That, which was regarded as a proof of idiotism or of mental disorder in the last instance, is defended and gebt in the former. If on the one hand this evil swallows to prevent, the firm affair, whether animal or vegetable is broken, before into small masses, the child it immediately, but it is with saliva unblended. Nevertheless in the daily observation it is seen, this children its zartestes age was thus drawn in inside; and it is not wonderful that present evils are by this the submitted means, and the foundation-stone, which is put for future illness.

The diet underlined, then is, until the second year to be continued. Large care is however in its management necessary; during this period of childhood inside by the process of the Dentition one in-leads, which are generally attached with more or less by disturbance of the system. Each possible disturbance therefore in the diet or in the government is to be now avoided carefully. ‘Applicable Tis that the child, who is of sound and healthy constitution, in which, therefore, the energies of the life are energy, and which was maintained up to this time after the chest of its parents and now an artificial diet begins for the first time, disturbance is hardly perceptible, it is from the enterprise of the very efficient causes. Not so however with the child, who was nourished by the first hour of its birth after artificial food. Teething under such circumstances with more or less by disturbance of the framework and illness of the most dangerous letter is ensured however always follows too frequently. It is at this age also the all sticking on thing and Eruptivfieber is most predominant; Worms catch to frequently actually form, and Rachitis, striking eruptions, etc. to diarrhea, throttle, announce themselves, and those one develops or one develops for basis strumous of the illness. A reasonable management of the diet prevents some these objections and weakens the act of violence of others, if they arise.