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An exact view at the intelligence teeth

Alias the third set of the molecular ones, the intelligence teeth the last set of the teeth in the mouth is to break out to which normally around the age of 17 – 25 happens. For many years it gave to remove much controversy regarding the necessity, these teeth. If the teeth do not cause damage or pain, they are normally fine to remain in the correct place. If they represent a bad position or to you many pain or cause incommodity, they must be removed.

If the intelligence teeth come in first, they are sometimes affected. Affected teeth must be normally extracted. Sometimes they can be pulled, although in most cases they must be cut out by a qualified surgeon. If the time comes to have your extracted intelligence teeth you must go to a mouth surgeon first and have a consultation.

While you take some X-ray, which inform the surgeon to the consultation, how bad your intelligence teeth are. It goes beyond the results with you, takes a view in your mouth, then, to explain to you which elections it to have. If it your teeth pull or will cut out, to have you the choice of the application of the local anesthesia or going with a calming IV. a calming IV is the preferential way letting intelligence teeth extract since you are, therefore eases you not white, what is loose. If you decide itself to use local anesthesia straight which numbing is, consider the procedure completely. They hear also a slamming and a cracking affected, which can form rather uncomfortablly you for feeling.

Dependant on the form, size and the arrangement of the intelligence teeth, the dismantling process of simple can vary after strongly. If the root points reached, itself around the bone in winding, can be the dismantling process much time robbing and rather painful. As soon as the extractions were locked, it gives normally little to no threshold concerned. Their dentist prescribes you for something pain medicine, which you should use, as soon as you arrive home. If you will use calming IV, need someone to accompany you since you are not to drive home.

After the dismantling of your intelligence teeth, your dentist goes out over, what it to do to have, in order to guarantee the correct healing of your rubbers and mouth. Normally it gives you information, in order to go to examine whether you no problems into welfare-ends process makes. Someone must be long with you the first 24 hours to examine whether you okay. They are not to eat certain food the first 48 hours long which is to be expected. As soon as you your intelligence teeth keep – you consider a size of improving in your mouth – and your health through distant.


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