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Aid for Colic

Research shows that more than 20% from babies Colic develops. This is not an illness or a disturbance, but parents must employ the endless hours of crying, until that is newborn four months of the age.

Is there really a permanent solution for Colic? The answer is No. the best thing, which parents can do, is, to repair the situation until this gradual leaves, as the child becomes older.

Are here some those aids.

1. Children are accustomed at credit something in the mouth, which is suitable satisfying. Since the breasts mother there each mark cannot be, using a peacemaker help the baby residence peace excessive crying therefore can prevent.

2. Watching out the baby to cry does not do anything. Parents must repair colic the baby, by taking it from side to side from the crib and it affected. Sometimes the Tastsinn can do the miracles, which educate the child, knows that it or they are safe. It is also a good idea sin g a cradle song, which well-known, to float in order to help the child, again in order to sleep.

3. Another way to repair colic a child is to use a CD this bright music of the plays. Studies showed this the work, which is similar, as the mother sings a cradle song to the child.

4. The baby receives, it older so more with difficulty also becomes. Instead of, will carry it in the arms, in another aid, by inserting the child into the car and aiming at a Stroll. Some parents took the child for a trip in the car, which helps also peace the newborn child.

5. Giving the baby of a warm bath can also help. Since this cannot be done each mark, that can set a warm bag for parents on the belly or the attempt lotion instead of massing. It is a good idea to cover the sentence with a cloth since the temperature could be too much for the child.

6. The kind of the food, which is eaten by the mother, can also arrange the child, colic to be. The consultation with a Ditetikerhilfe prevent that this happens as food, the gas replaced by the healthier to produce.

If the situation does not change, this is the time that medication should be used such as Simethicone drop.

7. Some mothers stop to satisfy after the 2nd month and change this with cow’s milk formula. Some babies are because of the formula colic, therefore is One way to repair to it this with a soyabasierten formula to change.

8. Air is the basic cause of some children, who colic are, particularly if the child from a bottle drinks now. Parents should the hole of the nipple examine, there a large hole the baby more than usual drink leave. If this happens, it is a good idea to buy a new set of nipples.

Or is not a healthy believes him colic a baby. This is, because the behavior, which shows up it, makes and needs people its existence attentive.

There are times, which rise late at night parents or address this early in the morning, but this to be repaired can. Before one knows it, excessive crying does not happen any longer, how the child adjusted on the new environment.