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Activity on the stomach.

The activity of white spirits on the stomach is extremely dangerous, which does not become capable it, which do not absorb natural digest-promoting liquid in the sufficient quantity to produce and also the food can, which can digest it incompletely. A condition, which is marked by the direction of the nausea emptiness, – Prostration and – expansion, is always confronted by an alcoholic. This results in abhorring for food and with a violent demand for more beverages is towards-hit a corner. For a permanent disturbance one produces so there, which is called Dyspepsie. The fatal forms of the confirmed digesting complaints result from this practice.

As the liver keeps concerned.

The organic degradations, which are caused by the continuous use of the white spirits, are frequent from a deadly letter. The organ, which goes through very frequently structural changes of the white spirits, is the liver. Normally the liver has the capacity to hold active substances in its cellular parts. In the cases of the poisoning by different poisonous means, we analyze liver, as if it was the collecting point of the foreign affair. It is practically the same regarding white spirits. The liver of an alcoholic is of the influence of white spirits free and it too frequently with it is never satisfied. Correct dialysis and free isolation keeps and prevents the minuzise diaphragm or cap structure of the liver concerned. The liver becomes the expansion of its containers, the addition of the liquid affair and the Verdickung of the fabric large suitable thing. This follows contraction of the diaphragm and contraction of the complete organ in its cellular parts. Then the untereren parts of the alcoholic become edematous due to the obstacle, which is offered to the decreasing/going back blood by the veins. The structure of the liver can be loaded and gone through with fetthaltigen cells, which is marked technically fat liver .

As the kidneys worsen.

The kidneys suffer also because of the excessive consumption of white spirits. The containers of the kidneys lose elasticity and energy of the contraction. The minuzisen structures in them go through fetthaltige change. Albumin of the blood exceeds easily by its diaphragms. This results in the body, which loses its energy, as if from blood run gradually one left.

Accumulation of the lungs.

White spirits relax the containers of the lungs easily, while they are exposed to the fluctuations of the heat and cold weather at most. If they are subjected to effects of a fast change of the atmospheric temperature, they keep readily clogged. During the severe winter seasons affects the suddenly deadly accumulations of the lungs easily an alcoholic.

White spirits weaken the heart.

Consumption of white spirits affects largely the heart. The quality membraneous of the structures the cover and the changes of heart draw and are thickened, become knorpelig or kalkhaltig. Then the valves lose their suppleness and which one calls, valvular disturbance become permanent. The structure of the coats of the large blood container, which leads from the heart portion of the same changes of the structure, so that the container loses its elasticity and its energy to draw in the heart by the retreat of its expansion after the heart, by its attack, filled it with blood.

Again the muskulse structure of the heart fails due to degenerative changes in its fabric. The elements of the muskulsen fiber are replaced by fetthaltige cells or, if they, are not replaced in such a way brought into a changed muskulse condition, in which the energy of the contraction is largely reduced.

Those, which suffers from these organic degradations of the center and regulation organ of the circulation of the blood so insidiously learn the fact, breaks it hardly after them, to the mischief far advanced. They are conscious of a central loss of the energy of the slight causes such as overexertion, trouble, broken remainder or to long abstention SAMness of the food. They believe, what they call sinking , but it knows them that wine or any other attraction means relieves the feeling immediately. Thus they seek to relieve it that to it finally it discovers that the aid fails. The exhausted, revised, reliable heart carries NO more. it let its course and the governor of the broken bloodstreams run. The river either overflows into the fabric, the gradual up the courses back-ups, or under somewhat slight impact or in abundance of the movement stops altogether in the center.