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Acid reflux

Gastro Esophageal reflux illness (GERD), which is a medical expression for “acid reflux is the product of the abnormal reflux of gastric contents in the esophagus and therefore causes a mucous membrane damage to be known as the chronic symptom.

This illness strikes adults mainly, while children and infants can also be affected . Normally propelled by meals certain food, if not pregnancy or taking of a sleep right, after they ate a heavy meal, many persons, under acid reflux to sometime suffer.

Heartburn or acid digesting complaints are another name, which refers to acid reflux . Heartburn, which main symptom of the acid reflux in the sophagus, described, in order to cause a burning Uneasiness at the back star around.

The symptoms can come as cough, language transformation, Hoarseness, constant ear pain or Sinusitis. The complications, which are gotten on by acid reflux , can lead too esophageal ulcers, or more badly this can lead too esophageal cancer.

However constant Heartburnempfindungen means not necessarily that one took GERD already imprisoned. The risk arises, when Heartburn happened several times one week, this opportunity could perhaps lead, if it develops GERD.

The usual cause of GERD is the increase of the acid, or gastrische acid production in the body, in the Korpulenz, in the pregnancy or in the closely fitting dresses, all this can add the problem. The yeast infection is also probably one of the causes of Gerd like symptoms.

An additional ironical cause of the GERDS is the insufficient production of the gastric acid in the body. The explanation says the fact that the valve, the hollow organ with a flap, which the one-way course to the liquid by the organ insures once emptied trigger acid in the intestines. If do not open the valve can, contents of the stomach in the sophagus are mixed, and then inflammation arises.

Meanwhile there are already some treatments for GERD today, of which one are the balance and the healthy essenden habits. Now, if correct diet does not function, one can shift on medication therapy or – surgery, as suggested by the doctors. Under are the lists of some Vorwhleren of the acid reflux treatment:

Correct diet: the natural way, acid reflux to couriers is by change in its essenden habits. Good number of persons, who were affected by GERD, found success, if they followed this method. The food components avoid, which can strengthen heart fire such as Koffein, alcohol-free beverages and a smoking. Avoid to eat two hours before you sleep; likewise avoid to lie down after you took meal. These are the regular suggested change in the lifestyle.

Another easy kind of treating GERD is to increase the head of the bed. The pharmakologische therapy, the combination of the prevention of the food two hours, before sleeping and, ascent of the head of the bed, there is a large probability, so that a patient wins a 95-Prozent-Entlastung. The ascent of the head of the bed is suggested extending around itself for only 6 to 8 tariff or to 20 cm. Using this method is restrained the current reversal of the gastrischen liquids.

Drug treatment: Drugs reduce the isolation of the gastrischen acid, for example and Famotidine and omeprazole decrease the isolation of gastrischem acid and the Antiacida work against the acid.

Surgical treatment: nits fundoplication, the surgical standard treatment for acid reflux , the medication process covers only a short period. The function of this is to support the closing muscle a spherical connection muscles, which opens and closes, in order to let the food or the waste exceed, as well as stops acid reflux and repairs naturally hiatal the Hernie.