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acid reflux medication: Stops of Heartburn at the bay

During a normal digest-promoting process the partial digested food is forwarded by muskulse movements from the stomach to the intestines. However for some people, stomach contents travel back to the sophagus of the stomach. This condition admits as acid reflux .

General symptoms of this illness cover Heartburn, difficulty, with swallowing, Regurgitation, pain in the chest, tooth-medical wear, Hoarseness, asthma, Dyspepsie, vomiting and many different.

If it is not treated correctly, acid reflux can last for some months. But drug treatment can play a substantial component during the treatment process of a patient.

The most general used medications include the following also:

Antiacida. Will used these drugs to neutralize over the acids in the digest-promoting surface and become mainly for discharge of the mild symptoms, like occasional episodes of digesting complaints and of Heartburn let in. They function also, in order to stimulate the defensive mechanisms of our stomach, by developing the isolation of slimy and of bicarbonate. Most Antiacida can be bought over the cost counter even without a medical regulation. In addition these drugs are one of that to decrease the pain of the specialists to be recommended first, those by Heartburn be managed or mild symptoms. The three fundamental components of the Antiacida are magnesium, calcium and aluminum.

acid Suppressants such as histamine blocker is also generally used. Histamine blocker block the production of the gastric acids, by alienating the activities of the histamine. Histamine is a chemical in the body, which promotes the production and the isolation of the acids in the stomach. Anti-histamines are present even without regulation and offer discharge of symptoms into most patients with frequent acid reflux . Patients must wait 30 to 90 minutes, so that these drugs step into force. But their effect lasts also six to 24 hours. In the cases of strict symptoms, a patient can have to take two dosages one day. In some investigated, histamine blocker represented, in order to improve asthmatic symptoms in those, which bear from the acid reflux and from the asthma.

However in a dated study 2001, it was suggested that histamine blocker occasionally complete discharge of the symptoms for Dyspepsie and Heartburn assign.

Proton pump obstacles are used also as medication. They function, over down the production of the gastric acids to trims, by reacting with the cells, which are found in the gastric wall, the acids into the stomach produce and release. However investigated it uncovered that the use of the proton pump obstacles raises certain doubts. Side effects, although rare, diarrhea, headache covers, itching and nausea. In addition should be also remained these drugs away by the pregnant and satisfying mothers.

Another medication, which is generally treated, is the use of the means, which protect the Schleimfutter in the gastrointestinal region. This kind of the drug proceeds in accordance with the attachment to an ulcer crater, so that it is protected by the damage, which is caused by digest-promoting acids. It is advisable for the people, which go through maintenance therapy with the mild or moderate acid reflux conditions. Likewise it has small side effects, including blockage.

Anti-cramp drugs are also used, in order to prevent acid and even not acid reflux . A gamma Aminosaurer Buttersureagonist, anti-cramp a drug is generally used, in order to lower the cramps in the muscles. Differently than most medicine, which is used for acid reflux , it cannot also decrease acid reflux s and increase the pressure in the untereren esophageal closing muscle, a muscle, which separates the sophagus from the stomach and which supporting stomach contents prevents.