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acid reflux disease symptoms: Know your body

acid reflux illness is a condition, in which the gastric acids flow back unnormal into the sophagus. This phenomenon is experienced irregularly by most people, particularly after one ate.

Our body uses gastrische and gastric acids, in order to subdivide the food, which we eat. Normally after digesting in the stomach, the food is supplied with by to digest-promoting muscles to the intestines for extra digesting. But with patients, who have acid reflux illness, acid stomach contents are shifted back to the sophagus, which causes then inflammation. Cigarettes, white spirits, Koffein, pregnancy and fetthaltige food are some factors, which worsens acid reflux conditions.

Our present knowledge about the acid reflux , which is based on medical, investigated explains us that this illness is general in the men, since it is in the women. There is no sexual preference. In addition predominating of the acid reflux is more frequent in the people of 40 years of life or more.

Symptoms of the acid reflux can be typical or atypical. But based on the diagnosis of the acid reflux patients, only 70% of those, which have obvious typical symptoms of this illness.

Typical or esophageal symptoms concern announcements, which are referred with the sophagus. Such symptoms cover the following:

Heartburn. This is a condition, in which the patient believes a painful burning feeling in the sophagus. The pain frequently develop in the box and can to the beginning or to the throat swell. This is most probable to arise in connection with these activities: bend raising after a heavy meal past, and put down. Based on a study, receive approximately 75% from acid reflux patients this symptom at night. This sewing time patients bend also, the raueren pain as too experienced, whose symptom arises to other time.

Dyspepsie. Investigates appearance, which over half of the acid reflux patients Dyspepsie have. This is a syndrome, which consists the pain and distress in the upper abdomen, nausea after a meal and of stomach abundance. It is not a guideline however, this those, which have Dyspepsie to have acid reflux .

Regurgitation. This is, if sometimes gastrische contents support into the Pharynx and up to the mouth. In the cases where the acids became buried into tracheobronchial the tree, can breathing complications become lively.

There are many cases, although that acid reflux patients do not announce symptoms such as Regurgitation and Heartburn. Instead they experience the atypical or extraesophageal symptoms, which cover the following:

Throat symptoms. Although it not generally happens, suffer acid reflux patients under symptoms, which arise in the throat. Hoarseness, which become feeling of having a lump in the throat, dry cough by those, which have acid Laryngitis, a throat symptom gone through. Patients can also have difficulty with swallowing, a condition, which admits as Dysphagia is. In the critical cases the food can keep enclosed in the throat or even in the butterfly valve, which can result to a strict pain in the chest. Other throat symptoms are chronic wound throat and persistent Schluckaufe.

Vomiting and nausea. If a patient under nausea suffers, which exists for weeks further, he can have acid reflux . There are few cases, in which vomiting can to be daily so frequently occurred as once.

Breathing symptoms. Coughs and wheezing as breathing symptoms are considered. These result from the overflow of the gastric acids into tracheobronchial the tree, which causes bronchial tube narrowing.

acid reflux illness can last not given correct medical treatment for some months if. Drug treatment can be required only for short time. But, if the symptoms bend, repetitive to arise, the drug treatment can have to be used again.