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Archive for July, 2006

Weight loss and back pain

In the society we will surround by the small, middle and large bone structures. The structure muscles and the bones play a role in, as the body is arranged, while it matures. Weight factors are also regarded by bone structure. For example can central bone a woman on the height of 5 2 to 135 […]

Thread of the volumes and the back pain

Within skeleton-like muscles stands still some efficient elements, which cover Ligamente and chords. The Ligamente alone is muskulse volumes threadlike like the threads, which produce Kollagengewinde of the muscle fiber. The fibers and the threads of the Ligamente attach to the bones, which attach to the muscles. Kollagen is, since it in connecting proteins existed, […]

Those outline the thorn, which defines the back pain

Outline the thorn: I believe that outlining the thorn you that can help, the elements, which educate our person, as well as to see give us the ability to accomplish daily. The thorn at the top side includes two vertebras also and separates by the zervikalen eddies. Between are disks and the connection nerve roots […]

Vitamin E and healthy aging

Did you know that the 200 UI daily paper of vitamin can help E at least to fight different diseases? Studies found this Alphatocopherol or vitamin E examined to fight to certain diseases. Studies show that vitamin can possibly help E with the oxygen receipt and during the offer healing for different illness. Taking 200 […]